Millennials view on sustainability

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

WeFill partnered with Jockey Club Student Quarters, The Education University of Hong Kong for an interactive workshop and taught hall residence to make laundry pods.

We shared about the plastic pollution situation in Hong Kong and the story of starting WeFill. Many of them were engaged when we flashed the catastrophic photos of the mountain of Styrofoam and plastic found lying on the floor after the typhoon Mangkhut in September 2018.

Our goal is to make sustainability convenient, approachable and desirable. Our workshop was a fun and interactive way to demonstrate the important of choosing natural products and zero waste packaging. The students got to learn about the ingredients that were used to produce the pods and the benefits for opting out of chemical ingredients. The ingredients are great for sensitive skin and also less damaging to the environment. It is important to be responsible towards our actions as we are on citizens of sustainability. The world belongs to all of us!

WeFill also provide zero waste refill and complimentary delivery services to University students to make eco-living easier. We really hope the University students can start building their healthy lifestyle since their first experience living outside of home and being able to carry forward in the future.

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