A total of 4 weeks per month

1 medium basket of Organic Veggie every week


Each basket would contain the following produces or items:


  • 1 set of organic tea bags (3 packs) or 1 portion seasonal fruit (at $20 value)
  • 2 portions of organic leaf-type veggie (at total value of $70, each at 12 oz-1lb)
  • 2 portions of organic beans / squash (at total value of $70, each at 6 oz-1lb)


* The weight would be based on the price of each produce.

* The type of produce will be dependent on the seasonality and the supply of the local farms to ensure your produce is always fresh. The type of veggies include the following varieties:


Leaf-Type Veggies include: Chinese Spinach, Water Spinach, Malabar Spinach, Red Malabar Spinach, Green Leaves, Radish Sprout, Kales, Bean Sprout


Beans/ Squash Type Veggies include: Eggplant, Sweet Corn, Japanese Bitter Pear, Bitter Pear, Mini Bitter Pear, White Bitter Pear, Chinese Bitter Pear, Hairy Gourd, Okra, Red Okra, Jicama, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Green Papaya, Long Beans


Organic Tea bags include: Butterfly Pea Flower, Mt. Lemmon Marigold, Perilla, Lemon Grass, Mint, Nasturtium, Lemon Balm,


Seasonal Fruit include: Banana, Aloe Vera, Sugar Cane





  • 兩份葉菜類 (總值$70, 12oz-– 1lb)
  • 兩份瓜豆類 (總值$70, 各6oz-– 1lb)
  • 1份有機香草茶包(3小包)1份時令生果 (價值$20)


* 全部農作物均會按本身價錢調整份量。

* 每類蔬菜會因應農場生產及季節提供,有機會是以下的農作物:











What is Certified Organic? 

Have you ever wondered what does that “organic” label on your food actually means? In normal practices, organic farms hire a third party to certify their produce as organic. As long as the farms meet a list of specific requirements and checkboxes by the third party, the produce will be considered organic. However, with the third-party certification system, often there are loopholes. These farms usually are checked by third-parties once or twice a year and some times in the process chemical fertilizers and pesticides are involved. So how do you know if your produce is 100% organic? 


What is Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) ?

Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) on the other hand involves the active participation of different stakeholders such as farmers, consumers, and vendors. The guarantee system and monitoring setup are built on professional knowledge, multi-players’ involvements, and social networking.  This system allows higher transparency in guaranteeing the produce are actually organic. Also, PGS emphasis values and concepts such as food safety and biodiversity, and is also a friendly system to small local farms. It also values the importance of co-learning, and PGS provides regular trainings and platforms for farmers to exchange in knowledge.







參與式保證系統(Participatory Guarantee System)是國際有機農業聯盟(IFOAM)於「有機3.0」中所推舉的有機保證及銷售系統。當中除了包括系統性的有機標準及檢查,更會提倡生產者及消費者的參與及分享成功與失敗經驗,共同持續學習,讓整個品質保證系統更透明。相對第三方有機驗證偏重文件及紀錄,PGS則重視耕種價值及永續概念,例如食品安全、生物多樣性等。PGS亦包括共學元素,更照顧小農,會定期提供農業支援及技術交流,協助農場提高產品質素。

Monthly Subscription Plan - Organic Veggie Basket (Medium) 每月訂購計劃 - 有機蔬菜籃(中)

  • Orders cut off at noon on Sundays.

    Veggie baskets will be delivered to UST at 13:00 14:00 the following Tuesday.